How We Calculate Our Ratings

Revamp Scripts runs a collection of 40+ websites that review online services from all over the world. Our websites cover a wide range of topics including gaming, finance, and affiliate marketing. Since 2004 we have helped millions of visitors navigate through the many options available in these categories.

The backbone of our review websites is a rating system. Our ratings (a score out of 10) are presented to the website visitor in a simplistic manner that's easy to understand. They are personalized to the user; Based mostly on the country that they are visiting the website from.

Our ratings might look rudimentary, but they are calculated by using a sophisticated method. Our system has been fine-tuned over the course of 20 years. While it's not possible to explain it in a short article, here we will try to give you a breakdown of 3 things we look at when determining the ratings.

1) Visitor Location

Firstly, we consider if the service is available to the visitor. The website will automatically determine the approximate location (country) of the visitor based on their IP address. The visitor can then adjust their country manually. The services that are available in their country will rank better than those that are not. Due to local laws, regulations, and licensing, our ratings can look very different from one country to another.

2) Our Experience

Secondly, we consider our experience with the service. We use some of the services as both a customer and an affiliate or referrer. We consider both experiences when determining the ratings, but the customer experience is the most important. If we have enjoyed a good experience, it will impact the rating of the service in a positive way.

3) Outside Sources

Thirdly, we look at what others are saying about the service. This includes comments and contact requests sent to us through our websites. It also includes reviews and comments on other review websites, and on social media networks. We do our best to separate fraudulent posts from legitimate ones.

Revamp Scripts provides fair and ratings on our websites. Helping our visitors get the best possible experience is a top priority. We do not promote any "scam" services. We value our reputation and seek longevity as an authority for reviewing online services.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about our rating system you can contact us by email or by any of the forms on our websites.

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